Crewel, A Book Review

I really wanted to love Crewel. The premise was unique, the dystopian genre is fantastic, and … it has a beautiful cover!  So it should have been awesome, right??  
This book is about a sixteen year old girl, Adelice Lewys, that has a special ability to weave the fabric of reality.  It is set in a futuristic dystopian society where Spinsters who control everything by weaving food, communities, people, etc.
Sadly, I was only left frustrated by the usual insta-love triangle scenario and confusing descriptions. I didn’t feel attached or connected to either of the love interests so the romance certainly didn’t reel me in. The weaving descriptions were strange and almost ridiculous. During the climactic ending I found myself visualizing the main character shooting spidey-webs from her wrists to save herself and her two boy toys.
This high suspense cliff-hanger ending only left me laughing at the overall bizarre-ness.  I gave this two out of five stars.

Tatiana and Alexander, A Book Review

Tatiana and Alexander is the second novel in the Bronze Horseman trilogy.  I thought the first novel was a fantastic historical romance and couldn’t wait to feast on the second.  

The first in a nutshell:  Tatiana and her family live in 1941 Leningrad and suffer immeasurably as Hitler’s army pushes through Russia.  Alexander is an officer in the Red Army with a surprising past.  The two face many challenges and fall in love despite all of the obstacles.  {sigh}  Everything you could want in a love story!

This second installment in the trilogy is quite different than the first, as it spends a good deal of time on their lives apart from each other.  The first 150 pages or so consist of a series of flashbacks that retell the story from the first book, but from Alexander’s perspective.  I actually really enjoyed this, despite my annoyance with books that spend too much time retelling previous stories.  Because it was done in small segments (as flashbacks) and from another point of view, it flowed well.

Towards the middle of the book, it is more about their lives and struggles apart from each other.  While I appreciated the the importance of understanding them individually, I felt that this part of the book could have used a lot more editing.  It really started to drag at this point and it didn’t help that I was growing more and more annoyed with Tatiana the further I read on.   I seriously wanted to claw Tatiana’s eyes out every time she contemplated dropping her son off with the nearest stranger or putting a bullet through her head. If she even remotely believed that Alexander was dead, what reason did she have to live??  Why was their son not reason enough?!

With that said, the ending was brilliant and fulfilling and reminded me why I love this series.  My emotions were put through the wringer and I was up until 2 a.m. finishing this book because there was not going to be any sleeping until I was done 🙂

Overall, I do plan to continue the series even though I did not enjoy the second book as much as the first.  I gave it 4 out of 5 stars since I think the story was still great, just a little longish.

Joining Ranks

Today I join ranks with all of the other book lovers out there.  I love to read and I love to tell people about them, so it only makes sense that I tell everybody at the same time.

In case you don’t already know who I am, I’ll give a short introduction.  I’m a wife to an incredibly loving man who understands that being a mother to our 6 boys often turns me into a person neither of us recognize.  God bless him for understanding that if he lets me take some “me” time to escape into my books that I usually come back the sweet and funny woman he married.  Okay, maybe not sweet, but definitely funny.  Because seriously, a woman certainly has to have a sense of humor if she’s going to have six boys!
I currently work from home as an internal auditor for a property management company.  It pays the bills, allows me to stay home with my kids, and well … it turns out there aren’t many openings for princesses these days.
My six sons are 21,19,18,17, 14, and 12.   Our six children are the result of a blended marriage.  I had three boys and my hubby had three boys.  Now we have six together and I can’t remember the reasoning I had used on myself to convince myself that it would be okay.  Thankfully, it did turn out okay and we all survived the craziest years.  I love them all and I couldn’t be prouder of each and every one of them.
That’s all for now.  I’m down with strep throat right now, so I’m going to go lay down and read while I still have an excuse to be lazy.