About Me

 I’m a wife to an incredibly loving man who understands that being a mother to our 6 boys often turns me into a person neither of us recognize.  God bless him for understanding that if he lets me take some “me” time to escape into my books that I usually come back the sweet and funny woman he married.  Okay, maybe not sweet, but definitely funny.  Because seriously, a woman has to have a sense of humor if she’s going to have six boys!


I currently work from home as an internal auditor for a property management company.  It pays the bills, allows me to stay home with my kids, and allows me to read.  A lot.


My six sons are 21,20,18,18, 14, and 12.   Our six children are the result of a blended marriage.  I had three boys and my hubby had three boys.  Now we have six together and I can’t remember the reasoning I used to convince myself that it would be okay.  Thankfully, it did turn out okay and we all survived the craziest years.  I love them all and I couldn’t be prouder of each and every one of them.


I love to read and for several years I was just keeping tabs on what I’d read on goodreads.  I still plan on keeping goodreads updated, but as I have participated in a few readathons and challenges I’ve discovered the advantages of having a personal blog.  I’m hoping to set myself some reading goals that I can track on here and broaden my reading horizons a bit.  🙂


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