Book Review Policy

I have received some inquiries about sending me books to review.  I have to temper my joy of “yay – free books!” with the reality of my personal reading preferences, professional/personal obligations, and that there are only 24 hours in a day.

What I primarily read:

  • Literary/Contemporary/Classic Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Mysteries/Thrillers
  • Young Adult Fiction
  • Graphic Novels/Comics
  • Dystopian/Post Apocalyptic

What I usually don’t read:

  • Romance/Chick Lit/New Adult
  • Westerns
  • Titles with religious undertones
  • Non-fiction

My review copy preference is for print copies, followed by ebooks (in epub or mobi format only).  As such, printed copies will be given precedence over ebooks.

My reviews mostly consist of my thoughts and feelings about the novel read, as a result, my reviews are very subjective. If those are not the types of reviews you prefer to have from a book blogger, this is probably not the place for you. There are a lot of book bloggers that do wonderful objective, analytic reviews, I advise you to seek them out!

When I accept a novel to review it does not guarantee that the novel will be read, or that I will post a review.


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